Silicon Metal price

Silicon Metal 421

Silicon Metal price

The silicon metal price rose slightly compared with last week under the expectation of power cuts in Yunnan and the purchase of downstream rigid needs. Among them, the price of metallurgical grade rose by 100-200 yuan/ton, and the mainstream price was 19,700-20,700 yuan/ton; the price of chemical grade rose by 100-200 yuan/ton, and the mainstream price was 20,500-21,200 yuan/ton.

In fact, domestic silicon metal upstream and downstream is still in the game stage. However, the recent strict traffic control in Xinjiang and Sichuan has made the transportation of raw materials and products inconvenient, and the shortage of water and electricity in Yunnan has become a foregone conclusion. Domestic factories have a firm price increase mentality under the expectation that downstream purchases are superimposed on Yunnan’s later deadlines and tight product transportation and stockpiling. The reluctance to sell the goods caused the silicon metal price to rise slightly.

Before China’s National Day holiday, most downstream manufacturers planned to stock up. Under the influence of insufficient power supply in Sichuan and the epidemic in Xinjiang, purchases continued to catch up. However, under the background of the completion of the purchase of polysilicon factories and the weak organic silicon market, aluminum market, and export market, the transaction volume of metal silicon continues to decrease.

Traders are afraid of heights and have a wait-and-see attitude, and they don’t even make inquiries; mills and aluminum factories make small purchases, reducing inventories and releasing purchase demand in small quantities; silicone factories are even more serious and have been serious upside down, and production reduction and parking are still increasing.

The price of silicon metal is already at a high level, and some intermediate traders and downstream markets are more cautious after just requiring orders.

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silicon metal price

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